You can make up to 48 kilometers on one full charge. 

After five years in development, here comes the foldable electric bike called CMYK. There have been numerous similar bikes, but according to the manufacturer, this is the smartest bike you've ever seen. And it's one of the lightest ones available. Together with the battery, it weighs no more than 11.8 kilograms. Creators gave a lot of attention to road safety: special laser beams project a virtual bike lane on the road around the bike and make the cyclist more visible in the dark.

On one full charge you can pedal your bike for 48 kilometers, assisted by a 250 watt motor. Developers say that "once you start to pedal, you feel an amazing force help you move forward, the motor kicks in you go faster and farther without breaking a sweat." The electric motor is able to reach maximum speed of 25km/h. The bike is easily managed by the app, which shows the battery rate of discharge, charging time and how battery consumption changes along the road. Once the battery is dry, you simply connect it to a power source – it will only take two hours to recharge.

The handlebars are equipped with a heart rate sensor, cadence sensor, various microcontrollers, gyroscope and accelerometer, so the bike can think and process information gathered by its sensors, displaying them on your phone. Using Bluetooth, you can stay connected to the internet and access your data anytime, anywhere.

Let us add, there is a convenient phone charger placed directly on the handlebar, so you can power your phone even when the bike isn't moving. And, check this out – the bike comes with an electronic lock. You can always turn your bike on or off either from the switch on the frame or directly from your phone, so that only 'an authorized' person is able to ride the bike.

The first customers will receive their CMYK bike in March 2016, while others will be able to get their own for around 1,600 dollars.

Aug. 6, 2015 Living photo: CMYK

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