By 2020 there should be 400 of them around Europe.


The project Ionity in addition to releasing actual electric vehicles is considered one of the most important in the field of e-mobility at VW. Well, in truth, it is a project in which in addition to the Volkswagen, Ford and Mercedes-Benz are also involved and without problems can to some extent be defined as a response to Tesla and its electric chargers brand which years ago was flooded across the U.S. and also in Europe.
As part of the project, a number of Ionity bottlers started to grow some time ago and the project experienced a turning point last week. Ias seen on project's web page, 100. (or 101.) electric charger has been set - a quarter of 400 in total, to be set up by 2020. Although most of the filling stations have so far found their place in Germany, there are several in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden and Norway. Map of all of them is available here.

In addition to the 101 fast chargers, which are already standing in Europe, Ionity reports that there are currently 50 more bottlers in the process of setting up; their construction is already marked on the map of a project that can be accessed online. Ionity is therefore in full swing, but it will be difficult to catch an American competitor who currently has 452 bottlers in Europe, and the network is still expanding. However, it is true that Ionity bottlers have one advantage, and that is the possibility of charging with the power off 350 kilowatts where the power grid will allow it. The latest bottlers of the Tesla Mark allow to be charged with a power of only '250 kilowatts.

May 26, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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