Technology, used for setting up the record is simmilar to the one, Jaguar is using in Fomula-E series.

They say, it is a matter of money, how fast you want to go. How much money Jaguar Vector Racing team invested in their latest project, but it was enough to make the fastest electric speedboat and it did with a fair margin. Yes, Jaguar is serious, when it comes to forming electric future in transport and they are not limiting themselves only on dry grounds but also on water.

It has been 10 years this year, since this last successful attempt of setting new world record, which was set at 123,5 kilometers. After a year of hard work, Jaguar Vector Racing revealed brand new speedboat, co-developed with technical partner Williams Advanced Engineering. It proved to be very fast, to say at least, as on the very first attempt it reached 142,5 kilometers per hour in the hands of Peter Dredge, Jaguar Vector co-founder and technical director.

"After 12 months of hard work, this is a fantastic result for the team and our partners and a great first step in bringing the power and versatility of electrification to the marine industry. It is a great honour for the Vector team to follow in the footsteps of Donald Campbell CBE and to set a world record on the historic Coniston Water," said Malcolm Crease, CEO, Jaguar Vector Racing.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director, Williams Advanced Engineering later added: "Williams Advanced Engineering is proud to have supported this new world record by Jaguar Vector Racing by using our award-winning knowledge of electrification to provide the boat's electric power, motor and control systems. Our experience from powering the entire Formula E grid for the past four seasons of racing and our ongoing partnership with Jaguar in the ABB FIA Formula E championship provided the technical and operational platform required to achieve this fantastic result. Congratulations to all involved in this wonderful achievement."

Even though Jaguar-Vector broke the record, they will continue the 'Race to Innovate.' For the next 12 months, they will attempt further world and national speed reords as part of a major initiative to push the boundaries of performance and to showcase British engineering.

June 16, 2018 Driving photo: Jaguar Vector racing

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