Mini Cooper SE, as is the official name of Mini-Electric, will be intended for the pre-urban buyers, say officials at German brand. That's why it has a pretty small battery, which it borrowed from the i3. Its capacity is 29 kilowatt hours, which means that it is really one generation old i3 battery technology, which is folded slightly differently, T-shaped under the back seat.


It takes 35 minutes to fill i to 80%, which means a chargrging power of not more than 50 kilowatts. Range? Officially between 200 and 230 kilometres (WLTP), however, electric Mini  has no smaller luggage compartment since the battery is stored somewhere else. They will start making it at the Oxford factory in November.

With alternating current (for example in public filling stations), Coper is, of course and due to the fact that it uses BMW i3 technology, able to charge a battery with 11 kilowatts of power (on a three-phase charger). What about the electric motor? This one was taken from a shelf that says BMW i3S, rolled it 90 degrees, and moved into the nose of a mini. So now the engine provides 135 kilowatts of power that runs the front wheel. Acceleration up to 60 kilometres per hour is 3.9 seconds, and up to 100 is 7.3 seconds.

Serial equipment will also be rich: LED headlamps, two-zone air conditioning, heat pump and navigation with related functions. These, for example, also allow the car to be started remotely. The electric Mini is only available with three doors, and from a classic,  petrol-driven brother with an automatic transmission it is (with a mass of 1,365 kilograms) heavier than 145 kilograms. It is coming to European countries in the spring and the prices will start at 33,400 euros before the subsidy!

What about prices? They're still very quiet about Mini. It is clear that even due to a short range they will not be low - after all, it is Mini. three-doors version, of course, because Cooper SE is only available with three doors. However, the possibility of a five-digit model with a large battery following the following year and the year after that, a new Countryman, which is related to an incoming BMW iX3.

July 10, 2019 Driving photo: Dušan Lukič

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