GM's delaying with distribution of Opel's Ampera-e and driving prices through the roof

It looks good relationship between General Motors and Opel is, after later has been sold from GM to French Peugeot is gone. Latest fact that proves that are problems, GM is causing to 'its' former company, particularly with their joint project of electric car: Opel Ampera-e and Chevrolet Bolt. After GM sold Opel in the middle of summer, both sides agreed, that GM will keep producing this type of car for both companies.

Latest news thou shows, that Americans broke their promise. Being a fairly affordable electric car with a decent range, dealers soon got orders for a first few thousand vehicles, that should be delivered by the year 2018. However, Opel announced, that customers, who already placed their orders will not get their cars at least until the year 2019. They actually advised dealers around Europe to stop accepting new orders.

Not just delayed, cars are also going to be more expensive... much more expensive

To make matters worse, prices of new cars are going to significantly increase. First countries, that are reporting changes on prices as Norway and Netherland. In Norway particularly, prices will rise for 5.500 US dollars to 43.000. In Netherland this increase will be even bigger, 5.700€. And that is not the fact for new orders but also for those, already placed.

Stein Pettersen PR Manager for Opel in Norway says the entire situation is GM's fault, who has been playing games with Opel ever since they sold it to PSA. Meanwhile, customers are getting annoyed and are canceling orders for cars, which is causing even more damage to Opel. What will the end result be? We do not now, but with situation like this, things are not looking good for Opel and its reputation.

Jure Šujica

Photo: Opel

Nov. 7, 2017 Driving photo: Opel

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