Toshiba claims, that it managed to develop a new battery cell, which – after it becomes available in 2019 - will allow tri times faster charging than conventional lithium-ion batteries. In just 6 minutes it can be charged for 320 kilometers of drive, which will make electric cars much more viable and put charging times on pair with times, needed to fill a petrol tank.


With the new battery Toshiba upgraded the SCiB technology from 2008. It is based on different kind of conductor. While conventional lithium-ion batteries are using graphite anodes, anodes in new batteries are made of titanium-niobium oxide with much higher conductivity. New material allows shorter charging times and at the same time prevents building of lithium compound sediments and prolongs usefull life of battery.

As tests show the new battery has two times higher energy density than konventional lithium-ion batteries and better ressistance to charging cycles with less than 10-percent decline in capacity after 5000 charging cycles. It is also more resistant to low temperatures.

Oct. 9, 2017 Driving photo: Toshiba

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