Nissan came to Detroit with Nissan IMs, a concept of the sports electric sedan with the four-wheel drive, which emphasizes the seating arrangement 2 + 1 + 2, with which it is trying to introduce a new car segment.

As they say in Nissan, the interior of the concept provides a completely new look at how travelers will travel in the world of autonomous vehicles. Priority was given mainly to the space in the passenger compartment, so all driveline components are in the front, behind and below the passenger compartment.

Nissan IMs in manual mode nevertheless remains a fully driver's car, which transmits all necessary driving data via various screens. But things change when a driver gives control of the ride to an autonomous car and engages in conversation with other passengers or enjoys infotainment features of the car.

As stated in the 2 + 1 + 2 configuration, the rear part of the passenger compartment is dominated by a 'Premier Seat', which is arranged at the rear bench as the passenger folds the backrests of both narrower side seats. The interior is decorated in dark materials, enriched and illuminated by golden accessories that work in a similar way to Japanese paper screens that provide light in traditional Japanese 'tatami' rooms.

The exterior, which is shaped in the design language 'V-motion', is very simple and in a special 'liquid metallic' color, referring to the imaginary material from the Moon and influenced by the traditional Japanese kimono suit. The four door body without B pillars is emphasized also by the holographic backlights, the light footprint, which travels from the front to the rear and points to the fact that the car drives autonomously.

Nisan IMs has an electric four-wheel drive, which is made up of two electric motors with a total power of 360 kilowatts. They are powered by a battery with the capacity of 115 kilowatt hours, providing the car with a range of more than 600 kilometers.

Jan. 15, 2019 Driving photo: Nissan

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