14 cars are to be presented, including three with electrified drivetrain

Frankfurt international car show may be only over for a week, yet car manufacturer are already preparing for a new one, maybe even more important, Tokyo car show. And Nissan, being Japanese car company, they are going to be one of the major players on the show. Today, they have already announced to deliver no less than 14 models, some of which are going to be, as expected, driven by electricity.

Probably the most important one is going to be Leaf e+. Second generation of family sedan has made quite an impact once it came to the market in 2010, finally enabeling buyers to get a proper electric car that is daily usable and affordable. Second one on the other hand met quite a few bad reviews due to its poor battery efficency – even more once being repetedly cherged – due to poor cooling management. Nissan has thus decided to equip it with new and more efficient powertrain and also new battery, enabling the car a significant boost in power and also range. Nissan claims it should cover some 458 kilometers on a single charge.

Next to it, there is going to be a Serena e-Power. Its an electrified minivan with and award winning powertrain and also some bits and pieces, that will also help the car to be safer. For this, Nissan has also equipped the car with an all-around 360 degrees protection, that comes with the car's basic trim.

However, the biggest news is probably Nissan IMk. While still being a prototype, its a vision of a future compact car, made for big cities, just like Tokyo, that has built in pretty much all of needed next-generation driver assistance systems, combined under the name ProPILOT. What are those in particular is yet unknown, however, all of them are going to be packed in car, that is embracing so-called Timless Japanese Futurism. Looks promising.

Oct. 1, 2019 Driving photo: Nissan

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