Volvo Car Group performnace brand today revealed its future as stand alone perfornace brand and also unveiled a concept of its first stand alone car Polestar 1, which will supposedly hit the road in mid 2019.

Polestar 1 is a classic looking two-door grand tourer coupé with 2+2 seat configuration. It is based on Volvo's scalable platform architecture SPA, which was extensively moderated by Polestar's engineers to make Polestar 1 a dynamic driver's car. It is also fitted with Öhlins Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension to make drive better and the carbon fiber body reduces car's weight, increases torsional stiffness and lowers center of gravity. There is also a double electric axle to enable torque vectoring.

Polestar 1's drivetrain is called "Electric Performance Hybrid". In reality we are talking about a electric car which is supported by internal combustion engine and can drive up to 150 kilometers just on electric power. The system ouput of 600 hp/1.000 Nm promisses a lot of driving fun.

Polestar 1 will remain Polestar's first and only hybrid car. All other models will have pure electric drive. Higher volume Polestar 2, which will follow later in 2019, will be Polestar's first BEV vehicle and will make life tougher especially to Tesla Model 3. Finally Polestar plans to introduce a SUV-like BEV Polestar 3.

With its new models, which will be produced in company's purposely built production center in chinese Chengdu, Polestar also plans to move away of established patterns of car purchasing. Cars will be ordered online and offered for rent on two or three year subscritpiton basis, thus getting away with all the hassle usually conected with car ownership.

Oct. 17, 2017 Driving photo: Polestar

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