The company concludes that diesel is already losing its fight against hybrids, and with the arrival of electric cars it will no longer be needed.

Diesel powertrains have been becoming a taboo in the Porsche vehicles for quite some time already, as they quickly became a target of criticism at the outbreak of the Dieselgate affair, and also cause of a dispute between the company from Stuttgart and Audi, who supplied Porsche with the controversial engines. After Porsche had halted the delivery of vehicles equipped with diesel engines in February, it has now decided to entirely eliminate the diesel power units from the offer.

 Porsche has several reasons for this decision. The first is getting worse sales of cars with diesel engines. In 2017, only 12 percent of all new cars were equipped with diesel engines - which were always of secondary importance, according to the Stuttgart company. Also hybrid drives were of high importance in the decision; 63 percent of all Porsche Panameras sold in 2017 were equipped with hybrid drive.

 Another reason for the abolition of the diesel is expected to be the launch of the first electric car, the Taycan model, as well as the remaining electric models. Porsche so far has already invested 6 billion euro for the electrification of its model line, and while Taycan will be the first in line next year, when it hits the road, by 2025 one in two models will be equipped with an electric drive.


Sept. 26, 2018 Driving photo: Porsche

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