Interior is almost completely button-free, yet has traditional touch.

The closer the day when the new Porsche Taycan will be presented is, as it will happen only a few days before the Frankfurt car show on the fourth of September, more stuff is being revealed. Now the exterior of the vehicle has yet to be revealed, although we have quite a good picture of how it is going to look, thanks to years of testing, when the test fleet of cars has driven over six million kilometres, a fair number of spy photos has emerged, as well as the camouflage has been reduced towards the end. Well, now it has become clear, how it is going to look on the inside.

Porsche published the first official photographs of the work space of a new electric car, stating that they had adhered to the 'less is more' principle. In any case, it is immediately clear that especially he dashboard, was taken from older generations of the 911 model, specifically those of 1963. The dash panel is made up of an upper and a lower 'lid', and then the center tile - it's just that the former ornamental piece has been replaced by a couple (on the basis of the car is otherwise equipped with only a central screen) of touchscreen displays of the infotainment system. Apple Car Play will come as standard

Upholstery: classic or modern and completely free from leather

Well, there will be quite a lot of touchscreens in the cabin, even one for the air-conditioning, which means that it will be only a few classic buttons left - few on the steering wheel, buttons on doors for opening windows, a button to switch on the parking brake, one to turn 'ignition on or off' and one for hazzard lights, which is placed between the center two slots for the ventilation of the cabin. Well, there's still the voice control option activated by the 'Hey Porsche'password.

Special attention, of course, has been made to instrument panel. It will, at first sight, still give the appearance of five dials, but it will only be a single screen whose appearance will be able to adapt to needs and desires. This will present vehicle data, navigation device (where the map will only take up part or the whole screen) and the so-called Pure View, which will display only essential information. It is interesting to note that, just as with 918, the direction-of-driving selector is placed right next to the screen mentioned.

Aug. 23, 2019 Driving photo: Porsche

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