Even thought Missin.E is electric, it will still have gearbox.

The longest wait to present the new vehicle is over. It's almost exactly four years since under the design name Mission-E we were able to see a prototype electric sedan, the first electric Porsche of the modern age. He had all the trademarks, including a recognizable sideline with wide hips and a slow-falling roof. During the long test period, it was then covered in a number of ways at Porsche, from being fitted with false exhaust pipes to apparently larger front lamps. But the final product remained almost like the original.

But in appearance, the traditional spirit begins and ends. Even though it reminds of the right Patp,rzt, as they say flagship of the brand, it is clear to every segment of the vehicle completely nov. last but not least it is the first car that allows you to charge the battery array with a 800-voltno technology.

money transfer, if this has been known for a long time, it is new information that the power on fast bottlers will charge it with a power of 270 kilowatts, which, for example, is only possible for us by Ionity power stations. In this case, the battery pack can be chsrge. from five to 80 per cent of the charge in a mere 22,5 minutes of this, we must not pass by the fact that of its capacity amounted id.  kilovatne time, which will be in accordance with the standard WLTP enough to be a 388 to 450 kilometers of autonomy.

Bonusses do not end here. Although all Taycans will be exclusively electric, they kept Turbo and Turbo S for a mors powerful version in the Porsche. It will produce 560 kilowatts of power (60 more than Turbo) and both versions are equipped with Porsche's own gearbox for electric cars placed on the rear axle of a four-wheel drive vehicle. It is in the first gear, allowing the surging accelerations (up to 100 kilometers per hour the car up to speed in a 2.6 seconds), while the second will allow a top speed of 260 miles at the same time, however, is still a moderate consumption of between 26 and 26,9 kilovatnimi hours. 100 kilometers.

Porsche, especially with couprsand convertibles, we are used to having their luggage area in front of the driver and not being very useful. There will also be baggage storage at Taycan, but since it's an electric car, it means there will be room at the back. 447 litres in total, 81 in the front and 366 in the rear, which will satisfy the family needs as well.

Sept. 5, 2019 Driving photo: Porsche

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