Renault will be part of the 35th America's Cup starting on 26th May as it just supplied the Groupama Team France with ten electric Twizys.


Members of the French Team will use Twizys for their daily commute between their base in Bermuda and the America's Cup venue. According to Louis Viat, Logistics, Groupama Team France, the small electric vehicles are "the best alternative to public transport or self-service scooters when looking for autonomous, safe and efficient transportation on our Bermudian commute."

Members of the French Team will be the first drivers of Twizy on the island. Appearing on local streets, so the local residents can get to know Twizy a little better, this is also Renault's way of promoting and introducing the small, lovable EV.

In Latin America, Renault is the clear market leader in the segment of electric vehicles, even though sales figures are not exactly impressively high - since 2012, they sold 500 units and the most desired model amongst them turned out to be none other than Renault Twizy.

April 26, 2017 Driving photo: Renault

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