It is now also possible, thanks to Zap-Map


Have you ever found yourself out in an unfamiliar part of town or even country with your battery running out and not knowing where the next charger is. A lot of people when entering such situation have problems coping with it and start panicking, maybe even accepting unrational decisions like using their mobile phones while driving. This might make matters even worse as the stop paying attention to the road when searching for their goal.

Since most modern phones are all equipped with voice controls, it was thus not a particular problem for authors of UK's most popular application/digital platform Zap-Map to make their application voice-activated. This means, that one will only need to say a command and aplication will, thanks to Google Assistant, lead to an electric charger. And since the app contains informations of around 95 of all Britain's electric chargers, this shuld work quite good.

Ben Lane, co-founder of Zap-Map, commented: “The launch of voice integration on Zap-Map is a huge step towards our mission to accelerate the shift from fossil fuel to electric cars. We are providing a quick and simple way for EV drivers to find out information on charge points at home, on the move and, for the first time ever, hands-free when they most need it – while driving.”

Dec. 10, 2019 Driving photo: Zap-Map

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