It's a voice you know! GE created a talking LED table lamp with Amazon's Alexa.


Amazon's Alexa, a cloud-based digital voice assistant, knows business. It has so far not only appeared as the voice of Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, but also in various non-Amazon hardware devices, such as Omate's cute little home robot Yumi or the Android-powered smartwatch CoWatch. There is now another Alexa-enabled electronic device and this one will literally light up your day.

GE is the first in the industry to have had announced integration of Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) built directly inside a lighting product. The simply, yet elegantly ring-shaped and a bit futuristic-looking LED table lamp allows users to easily complete hundreds of hands-free voice commands, without any stand-alone Echo unit, hub or smart phone.

Once you bring it in your home, you only need to plug in the C by GE lamp and connect to Alexa, and there you are - you've just turned your busy home into a smart-tech-enabled, connected place, where a simple device helps you free up time, add security, enable broader control and even lets you have some fun while operating it. Technologies that create the so-called connected homes are on the rise and this product only proves it.

"It's really about simplifying and extending an experience for consumers, allowing them to add smart capabilities throughout the home through a really simple form factor Consumers don't need a cell phone, a special switch or a hub. They just need their voice," explained Jeff Patton, General Manager Connected Home Products, GE Lighting.

GE's C by GE table lamp with Alexa will be available for pre-orders in early 2017 - to get yours, click here. Products are expected to start shipping out in the second quarter of 2017.

Dec. 11, 2016 Living photo: General Electric Company

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