In 2012 Siemens presented its innovative eHighway concept which now will be put on test on public highway in German state of Hesse.


On a ten-kilometer stretch of A5 federal highway between Frankfurt and Darmstadt Siemens will build an overhead contact line for electrified freight transport, which will supply electricity to hybrid trucks. Siemens will be responsible for construction and maintenance of the eHighway, which according to calcculations can be twice as efficient compared to use of internal combustion engines.

The core element will be charging wires, which will be stretched over the road and will look like similar installations on electric railways. Trucks, which will take part in test, will be equiped with intelligent pantograph, which will be connected to the batteries of hybrid powetrain. Trucks will be able to operate emission free with the electricity from overhead line of eHighway and will automatically switch to hybrid drive on other roads.

Siemens developed eHighway as a part of project "Electrified, innovative heavy freight transport on highways" which is jointly conducted by Siemens and some german federal and local institutions.

Aug. 19, 2017 Driving photo: Siemens

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