About to hit the market later this year.

škoda announced an electrical offensive last summer and launched the first plug-in hybrid and the first electric car on the market, which were based on existing car platforms originally developed for internal combustion engines. But that was just the beginning. Škoda then decided to take on VW's new MEB platform for electric vehicles and made a brand-new, exclusively electric car Enyaq iV. This one is not quite ready for the road yet, but the day when it will be is not far.

Just how close is serial production is tells the fact that all technical data from the newcomer has already been revealed. There will be five options: a base with a 109-kilowatt electric motor in the back of the vehicle and the battery pack with a capacity of 55 kilowatt hours; in the middle of the offer  132 kilowatt motor and the battery pack with 62 kilowatt hours of juice and the most powerful (in terms of the size of the battery), with a 150-kilowatt motor and the battery pack with capacity of 82 kilowatt hours. It will also offer up to 500 kilometres of range (the other two up to 340 and 350 kilometres respectively).

Well, the upmentioned trinity is going to be a choice of more conventional buyers. However, Škoda has not forgotten those who want more capacity. Instead, they prepared two more versions for them with one motor per axle.  X80 will therefore offer 195, and the vRS will offer 225 kilowatts of electrical power, thus accelerating to, say, up to 100 kilometres an hour in 6.2 seconds. Electricity supply will be provided by the largest, 80-kilowatt battery pack, but the range will be slightly shorter than with the one-motor version on the rear axle. By the way, battery charging will also be possible on fast chargers  with power of up to 125 kilowatts, with up to 80 per cent of capacity being 40 minutes.

Comparable to Kodiaq

Although Enyaq iV is still a prototype for the time being, it appears that only minor changes will be made to the presentation. It has been revealed that the hybrid will measure 4,648 millimetres in length, which is only about four centimetres less than the Kodiaq. At the same time, it will be 1.88 metres wide and the wheelbase will be 2.765 millimetres. There will also be a decent storage space available with luggage compartment with 585 liters of basic capacity. A feature of the newcomer's cabin will be a brand-new 13-inch screen information-entertainment system.

Škoda is promising to reveal the car before the end of this year – it will be produced at the Mlada Boleslav's plant – and it will also offer the first purchasers a limited series of vehicles with the selected accessories. This series will be limited to 1,895 vehicles – that is the year, when Škoda was founded.

May 12, 2020 Driving photo: Škoda

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