Smart will show a Vision EQ ForTwo concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which showcases their vision of of future car sharing.

Smart Vision EQ ForTwo is electric two seater, mostly inteded for urban use and equiped with autonomous driving sysrtems. In contrary to current Smart models, which are mostly sold as personal cars, Vision EQ ForTwo will not have a constant owner but will serve as a part of car sharing schemes of the future, wihic Daimler summerized in their CASE strategy, which stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric vehicle.

The concept especially focuses on "Shared" part of the vision, based on the purposly desgined car sharing scheme. It is based on the experiences of the car2go car sharing, which has more than 2,6 million users arround the globe and leases a car every 1,4 seconds. Recent studies show, that by 2025 car sharing schemes will have five times more or 36,7 million users arround the world. Daimler will base its cars sharing on the experiences of car2go service, which allows its users to take or give back the car not to the specific location but anywhere in the designated "home" area.

Smart Vision EQ ForTwo also demonstates benefits of autonomous drive for future car sharing. Users will not have to search for the available car. Instead it will drive to them and pick them at the prefered point. Cars will also intercomunicate to improve traffic situation. Because they will also diminish need for parking spaces in city centres, more place will be left for pedestrians and other non invasive users of space.

Users will call their car via their smart phone. Cars will also be equiped with thin film layers, serving as big screens, which will enable users to personalize their exteriour in order to recognize them when they arrive to pick them. Big screens can be used also for other aplications, like communication with surroundings. There will also be a possibility of 1+1 use, allowing passenger to pick another one and share the drive. When they will be together in the car, via their smart phones system will recognize their common interests in and project them on the dashbord, which will serve as a good starting point for braking the ice in conversation.

As can be expected, powertrain will be pure electric. The car will have a battery with the capacity of 30 kWh, which will be charged wirelessly and will also be able to send electricity back to the grid if necessary.

Aug. 31, 2017 Driving photo: Daimler

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