According to a research by the joint industry and government-funded Go Ultra Low campaign in Great Britain, future drivers seem to be very keen on electric vehicles and wish to own them once they become eligible to drive.

Independent research was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Go Ultra Low in September 2015 among a sample of 800 teens between the ages 14 and 17. The findings show that the younger the interviewees became, the more support they show for greener-fuelled cars. According to the results, more than eight in 10 (81%) 14 year olds plan to make their first car purchase an electric one.

The findings also revealed that their generation associates electric cars with fewer harmful CO2 emissions (56%), cleaner air (48%), and 'the types of cars that everyone will be driving one day' (34%). Even 17 year olds who are learning to drive right now stated that they intend to get drive an ultra low emission vehicle when they pass their test. Furthermore, 88% of the young people polled felt that more motorists today, regardless of their age, should already be driving a plug-in car in 2015.

A renowned futurologist Dr Ian Pearson commented the results of the survey, forecasting that electric cars will become the 'new normal' in the next ten years, outweighing the demand for 'traditionally fuelled' cars. He is convinced that young people are very aware of environmental issues and how great it is that they also notice that electric cars will be cheaper to run, so it is a clear win-win situation.

Nov. 13, 2015 Driving photo: Newspress

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