Four new countries has been confirmed on their web site, with an aditional service to arrive in Budapest. 

Tesla is slowly planning to continue its expansion into southern and Eastern Europe, and so on 23th of august (around 19 p.m. Central European time), it has been announced on Twitter, where Elon Musk also publishes most of the news, that they will offer their cars in four new countries: Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania. With this, Slovenia will become the first of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, where Tesla will offer the procurement of its cars. At the same time, a new service centre is to be opened in Europe, which is to be located in Budapest.

Otherwise, the information on the expansion of the brand is arriving at the same time as , that Volkswagen, who is also growing quite fast onm the market of electric cars has

While new vehicles can already be procured on their website, the S model and The X Model are already offered at a price level 3, they will have to be subtracted between 39.500 for the entry level Model 3 and 77,700 EUR for the Model X - Model S in the Long Range version is about EUR 2,000 cheaper. But caution: the prices advertised on the official website do not yet take into account the tax.The first vehicles should reach the buyers at the beginning of next year.

However, it was at the time of the new crisis that Tesla decided to expand. There are increasing complaints from various parts of the world about the unacceptably poor quality of the construction of their vehicles. As we wrote a week ago, a German company specialised in renting electric Nextmove vehicles canceled the order 85 new vehicles after only a quarter of the 15 vehicles in the 100 package were found to be flawless. Further expansion to new markets is therefore in no way a solution in the face of such difficulties, which would certainly make it more appropriate for the company to address such problems first.

Aug. 24, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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