It is about to compete with existing pick-up truck that are here for decades.

Tesla is slowly but surely preparing for two new cars, which should soon be presented in their full glory. However, even though that is quite a lot for a relatively small car manufacturer as Tesla (which on the other hand is growing rapidly), there is yet another car on design table which is going to follow the already announced Model Y and Roadster – Tesla Pick Up.

While this is not any officially confirmed name, it does give you an idea of its basic shape, design and with whom it is going to compete on the market. Apart from Rivian (which is also going to be powered by electricity), Tesla’s third car in the waiting list is going to be a rival to likes of Dodge Ram, one of the most successful cars currently on the market. But Tesla is supposedly going to be quite competitive.

In fact, the base model of the car is supposedly – according to Elon Musk – going to cost well below 49.000 dollars, which is somewhere around 45.000 euros which is still a significantly more than Ram. It could on the other hand provide much more power and torque than its petrol driven rival. On the other hand, in the top-spec version it should provide up to 500-miles, which is around 800 kilometers of autonomy. Well, given the recent data about the range of next Roadster this sure seems possible.

June 2, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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