Delays in the production of Tesla's Model 3 are beginning to appear in a new light. The long-term waiting period for the purchase and delivery of cars is causing an increasing number of customers who already paid a deposit to withdraw from the contract.

The American electric car maker started to collect deposits for Model 3 already on March 31, 2016 and according to Second Measure's online analytics panel gathered 61 percent of all orders already in the first month. In total, 400,000 orders were collected in the given period, and despite the 63,000 cancellations, the number of cars has increased to 455,000 vehicles in the time before the start of production. But now cancellations could be more.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that customers are losing patience. After numerous promises of speeding up production, which largely remained unfulfilled, customers quickly began to deviate from the purchase contracts. This trend began in January this year when the company started to record a larger number of cancellations than new orders. In April this year, Second Measure recorded about three cancellations for each new contract, and a total of 23% of customers has decided on this step.

The company does not want to comment on the massive decline in orders. But given the fact that by the end of this year the US government will abolish financial support for the purchase of a car - customers receive it only at the time of the takeover of the vehicle and the actual purchase - in the coming months it is definitely possible to expect a further decline in reservations. On the other hand, customers could, at least to some extent, begin to buy larger and more expensive cars with much shorter delivery time.

June 5, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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