Tesla Motors congratulated all Tesla S owners around the world for having driven well over one billion (1,6 billion to be more exact) electric miles in just three years. In just three years, Model S owners around the world have driven over one billion electric miles.

Tesla stated that the billion miles, collectively notched up by Tesla S drivers, compare with 4,186 trips to the Moon or about 40,000 emission-free trips around the Earth. Furthermore, driving the Model S in the past three years supposedly prevented more than half a million tonnes of CO2 emissions spread into our environment, or in other words, 175 million USD have been saved in fuel costs.

Also according to Tesla, there is now a giant global network of 445 Supercharger stations with 2,473 Superchargers, stretching all over North America, Europe and Asia, making traveling fast and carefree even if the drivers decide on longer driving distances. Using a Supercharger allows Teslas to add up to another 170 miles (274 kilometers) of range in approximately 30 mins, during which a driver should be able to reach the next charging station.

Currently, there are 76,000 Model S vehicles said to be on the road worldwide and Tesla's charger network may help increase that number.

June 28, 2015 Driving photo: Newspress

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