In the newest version of Honda's sporty two-seater NSX, two electric motors add power to the gas-powered six-cylinder turbo engine.

The designers of the North American section of the Performance Manufacturing Center, at Honda's factory in Marysville, Ohio, were in charge of the entire development of the car. The car is also manufactured there for the American market, under the name Acura NSX (Honda's luxury brand). The exterior was designed by the American division and, for the first time, the process was managed by designer Michelle Christiansen. The most interesting part of the car is its powertrain – hybrid drive. Honda took some time to replace their first car under the NSX brand, which was no longer sold after 2005. The serial model NSX is slightly longer than the concept cars presented two years ago, mostly due to the new concept of the longitudinally set six-cylinder. The driver can choose from four drive modes in the new hybrid Honda – Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. Each of them adapts to the response of the motors, transmission (dual clutch gearbox) and chassis. In Quiet mode, the car drives for a few kilometers with only the electric drive.

May 1, 2015 Driving

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