The American branch of the Japanese start-up company will be spending another $ 100 million on the development of start-up companies.

Toyota trademark and its investment in the future have not seen an end in recent days, and it is interesting that this is not, first of all, about introducing new vehicles or concepts, but about the technologies themselves. After japan brand days ago presented the first completed part of a large test center, which it builds in Japan, is now preparing to new ventures in the field of the development of technologies based on artificial intelligence.

According to Automotive news Europe the brand and its American offshoot Toyota AI Ventures based in Silicon valley soon gave the new $ 100 million, or more than 89 million euros of money in the development of new startup companies which operate in this area. A this point we have to mention that this will be the second investment by the American branch in the development of new companies. In July 2017, various companies were already allocated first funds, the total of which was the same as this year's.

There are more and more opportunities

"We see an incredible lot of different opportunities that arise with the proliferation of options in the field of mobility," said Jim Adler, the director of the said company, at the time of this being uploaded, to not seek only businesses with the ideas, but those who have also already designed business plans, and so a bit more clearly know what the costs will still have.

But with the initial investment, the company's already done quite a lot of work. The funds they received two years ago were  given to 19 selected companies, while more than 1.500 of them has been checked out. At the same time, they are hoping that there will be companies such as selected ones, which they are interested in, and in which they are going to be investing much more in the future.

May 2, 2019 Driving photo: Toyota

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