It will also be able to drive almost fully autonomously.

Modern cars are often criticized to be too artificial and lacking for emotion, especially compared to the ones being made in 60's, 70's and 80's. Those were the cars, that many owners made some kind of bond with, hence why so many of them decided to keep them for decades. And while there is not likely modern cars will be able to do so, manufacturers keep on trying to do so. And Toyota may have the best solution so far.

LQ is a brand new concept, which will also be one of the stars at the upcoming Tokyo car show is a revolutionary concept, aiming to make a bond with the driver, or better yet with the owner. As you can imagine, it will use an AI-based technology, helping the car to, let's say, set the appropriate temperature in the cabin, pick up the right song, chose the perfect ambient lightning and even offer the right fragrance.

However, mentioned services are already being offered by some rival companies. Nevertheless, Toyota has made a one step further with seats being equipped with air bladders. Those will then inflate and deflate according to the driver's mood and tiredness. Like the Organic LED meter display, a dashboard, that will wrap around the driver, while still ensuring perfect visibility are also concepts, that have never been offered by any car manufacturers so far.

While it seems LQ is only a concept, this is only partially. In fact, Toyota is planning to offer it for a drive to interested public at the upcoming "Toyota Yui Project Tours 2020" (with Yui being AI-based digital assistant). This tour will happen next year between June and September in Tokyo. Drivers will thus be able to try most of car's innovative solutions – including air purifier (which will convert ozone into oxygen) and level four autonomous driving.

Oct. 12, 2019 Driving photo: Toyota

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