ADAC from Germany, testing the emissions and fuel consumption of vehicles with ADAC EcoTest that's become even stricter in 2016, reported that Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell sedan, did very well and was awarded five stars. Mirai gathered 93 out of 100 points. 

Making the ADAC EcoTest a bit tougher, ADAC introduced equations, used to calculate the amount of emissions that are created on the path from fuel source to its actual use. This means that the test also considered emissions that emerge from producing hydrogen, which is in this case consumed at a rate of 0.76 kg per 100 km. During the test, Mirai's CO2 emissions amounted to 121 g/km, meaning it was given 43 out of 50 points. These were added to the 50 points previously awarded for zero local emissions and so the total ended up being 93 points - Mirai won solid 5 stars.

March 10, 2017 Driving photo: Toyota

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