The fuel cell-powered, zero-emissionToyota Mirai took first place in the first e-Rally Monte-Carlo (organised by the Monaco Automobile Club from 12-16 October), which was held between Fontainebleau and Monaco, making over one thousand kilometers before reaching the finish line.


Toyota Mirai, the first hydrogen powered car to win an International Automobile Federation test, was one of the three cars entered by Toyota France and was driven by Artur Prusak and his co-driver Thierry Benchetrit, old acquaintances of e-rallies. In 2013 they won the Monte-Carlo New Engines Rally, and then later in both 2015 and 2016 they also won the FIA Alternative Energies Cup world championship.

By winning the e-rally under all but ideal circumstances and driving for over 1,000 kilometers, Toyota Mirai proved first and foremost the sustainability of its hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. It has turned out that the vehicle is capable of driving for over 500 kilometers on a single charge, mainly thanks to a mobile refuelling station developed by Air Liquide.

One of the three Toyota Mirai vehicles (all of which successfully crossed the finish line in Monte Carlo) was driven by Georges Marsan, the Mayor of Monaco. Bearing the number 1 and provided by Air Liquide, Marsan and his assistant and co-driver, Jacques Pastor, finished sixth, while the third Mirai - entered by Toyota France and entrusted to a crew of French journalists - took eleventh place. The team could do even better, had it not been for a navigation error in the first regularity zone.

Oct. 25, 2016 Driving photo: Toyota

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