Toyota Mirai fuell cell vehicle, which by now found more than 6.000 buyers arround the world, is making also debut in Canada this year.

First fleet will take to the road in Quebec province of Canada, which this winter already faces very low temperatures. As they say by Toyota, it does not pose any threat for their FCEV car, which can start its fuell cells by temperatures down to 37 degrees bellow Celsius zero. Even the heating, put on the highest degree, can not shorten the range arround 500 kilometers much.

The Mirai's offensive to the new market starts on the Montreal International Auto Show, which takes place theese days, and is also backed by Hydro Quebec company, which is the fourth biggest producer of hydrogen in the world. Toyota with the help of partners and authorities also established a hydrogen infrastructure which will back up potential canadian buyers of Toyota Mirai.

Jan. 20, 2018 Driving photo: Toyota

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