Under the motto "Think New" Volkswagen will present a concept of electric car for the new era on the Paris Motorshow.

According to Volkswagen, one of a kind concept car will be VW's new ambassador in the automotive world, and into a new era of electric mobility. As they say, the vehicle will be the same kind of a breakthrough as the original Beetle was, when it was created seven decades ago.

The production vehicle, which will follow the concept, will be the first Volkswagens series car built on the new modular platform for EV cars (MEB). It will hit the streets in 2020, have around 500 km range, be the size of VW Golf and have the roomines of the bigger Passat. And even more importatnt: the plan is that the price will be no highar than the price of comparable diesel car!

Sept. 16, 2016 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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