Chevrolet has sold over 65,000 Volts in the USA, which makes the Volt the best-selling car in its class.

The new Volt not only has a new shape, but also a new drivetrain, which is almost 50 kilograms lighter. The 1.5‑liter gas‑powered engine has also been thoroughly revamped, and the capacity of the batteries (18.4 kWh) has been increased. All of this should suffice for an all‑electric range of 80 kilometers, and a total of over 650 kilometers can be travelled with the Volt. The new Volt will be sold across the pond in the second half of 2015.

Chevrolet's leading men in Detroit did not know (or did not want to say) whether the Bolt study was a forecast for a new small electric car. But it became clear in mid‑February that the car was going to be mass‑produced. The small electric car should cost less than $30,000, and have an all‑electric range of over 320 kilometers.

May 4, 2015 Driving

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