It might happen in 2023.

Restricting transport in urban centres is a measure that many European cities have been implementing for several years. For example, the Old City cores of major cities across many of them had already driven traffic out of their centres some time ago. In particular, the measures to prosecute dirty cars and sanctions in the form of different taxes are most common in the UK. However, the action announced by the authorities in the town of York before New Year's Eve has raised a stir.

With the new year, the idea that in a picturesque city, which hass around 210,000 inhabitants, the traffic with cars would be completely banned. The idea in a town, ruled by the Green Party and the Liberal Democrat was brought up by Johnny Crawshaw, who was supported by the remaining members of council.

Public transport is the right solution

If the measures were adopted, this would mean that, as of 2023, the traffic of passenger cars would be completely prohibited in York, except in urgent cases, such as movements of persons with disabilities, sick people and so on. Otherwise, this would also mean limiting access to various companies, which are also linked to automobiles operating in this area, which would mean that they would need to relocate their activities. However, more than this, the city authorities highlight more efficient public transport and the promotion of cycling.

This measure, however, in addition to the city government, strangely enough, is popular among some of the people who are aware of the importance of clean air, and reducing the impact on the environment, and they believe that it would be necessary to do it already a long time ago. Of course, there are others who say that the new infrastructure in the city is more important. Besides, if the new law is passed, York will become the first place in Britain to ban the traffic of passenger cars in its territory – and certainly not the last.

Jan. 7, 2020 Driving photo: Profimedia

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