They are offering their cars through service called Zipcar.

Different solutions for car sharing are either spreading or are (more likely) already present in majority of European capital cities. Just recently, we have reported about Peugeot establishing new service in Paris after Autolib went bankrupt. Among cities which such service is (off course) also London. British capital is one of the most crowded in Europe so any attempt to make traffic more environmentally friendly and sustainable is welcome.

One such solution is – similarly to Paris – provided by a car manufacturer, in this case Volkswagen, which is offering it through a service called Zipcar. German car manufacturer is offering to user for sharing a total of 325 e-Golfs and recently they have celebrated an important milestone: 250.000 miles, made by some 10.000 members. They have been cover in over 50.000 trips so far.

“The e-Golf’s warm reception from Zipcar UK members is testament to its ease of use in the city, as well as their eagerness to go electric in the capital,” said Claire McGreal, Volkswagen UK Brand Strategy and Mobility Services Manager. "Extending the Zipcar UK e-Golf fleet will ensure that more of the car club’s 230,000 registered users in the UK will be able to enjoy convenient, zero-emission travel.”

Jonathan Hampson, General Manager for Zipcar UK, said: “We passionately believe that electric car sharing is the way forward for Londoners when it comes to driving in the capital. Working with Volkswagen we have made EV driving more affordable and accessible than ever before. These figures speak for themselves: Londoners are embracing EV driving and proving that there is a real potenti al to make EV driving mainstream in the capital, and help fight the city’s pollution challenges.”

Jan. 11, 2019 Driving photo: Newspress

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