From the Baharash Architecture, an award winning design studio based in London, comes a completely solar-powered desert getaway in one of the richest countries in the world, the United Arab Emirates. Keep on reading to see what makes it so special.


The United Arab Emirates are home to 10 of Forbes's 2015 billionaires, looking for a new way to display their luxury. According to Baharesh Architecture, this new luxury comes in a form of sustainable eco desert retreats.

The gallery below shows a desert home, which is located in Liwa, in southern region of UAE. It was designed to be in complete harmony with the pristine and untouched desert-scape, so it is completely energy self-sufficient – by using solar panels, it generates and stores clean power in several battery units. The design allows for the retreat to be constructed in pre-fabricated modular sections that are assembled on site. Each modular section or 'wing' is made from pre-cast insulated concrete panels, which are finished on site as well. The desert home comes with a kitchen, a living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Once you own this kind of a home, it's obvious you will do anything it takes for a bit of quiet time and privacy, no matter the cost. Despite the fact you are living practically in the middle of nowhere, your home features smart glass windows that offer "instant privacy at the flick of a switch". But because once in a while every man feels a little lonely and longs for some company afterall, you can invite your posse to join you around the central fire place, designed as a gathering place for social bonding inspired by the traditional Bedouin ways. The spacious kitchen offers seating for eight people and an indoor herb garden.

According to designers, the retreat will provide genuine exclusivity and tranquillity in an area which has remained unspoiled for centuries, and is home to a thriving wildlife such as oryxes, gazelles and camels. Sounds absolutely wonderful. We're in!

Sept. 7, 2015 Living photo: Baharesh Architecture

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