At Costa Verde resort on a coastal rainforest bluff in Costa Rica, they decided to turn a vintage Boeing 727 into a breath-taking luxury hotel-like experience.


Airplane enthusiasts, who don't wish to lose that 'flying feeling', might enjoy this type of a very unique 'tree house': a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 has been refurbished and fully outfitted to offer an exclusive vacation experience!

The fuselage-turned-to-jumbo-hotel-suite sticks out from the jungle, perched on a purpose built ledge, a 50-foot pedestal, looking as if the plane landed right between the tree tops. Staying up there at such height offers an amazing scenic view over the ocean as well as the jungle and almost makes you feel like you're airborne.

The suite's interior is made of Costa Rican teak paneling, stretching all the way from the cockpit to the tail. It comes with two air conditioned bedrooms (each with its own private bath and a TV). You can make your own meals in a kitchenette with microwave and have your peaceful dinner in the dining area. In the morning, an ocean view terrace will be the perfect place to have your morning cup of coffee, enjoying surrounding gardens and listening to exciting jabbering of your tree top neighbors such as sloths, toucans or monkeys.

Renting your little piece of heaven in the Costa Rican rainforest does not come cheap, though. It will cost you no less than £300 per night.

Oct. 19, 2015 Living photo:

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