The so-called Trinity River Corridor will make Dallas one of America's most nature-oriented cities.

The Trinity River Park was designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA) to re-connect the river with the city, using the space and undeveloped land to create a lush recreation and relaxation area, full of naturalistic trails, meadows and lakes.

MVVA envisions the area divided into two intertwining landscapes, namely civic spaces and naturalistic landscapes. The city and the floodplain are to be connected with playgrounds, fountains, plazas and lawns, while landscapes are expected to fully revive the channel and its banks. At the same time, MVVA design sees important measures taken in order to protect the area from notorious flooding, "ensuring the adaptability of the space even under extreme circumstances."

The 'New District', which is only a short drive away from downtown Dallas, will stretch over a total of 10,000 acres (which is more than 10 times the size of Central Park in New York), 7,000 of which represent the Great Trinity Forest, where 1,000 additional acres have already been re-purposed for the golf club, the Texas Horse Park, and the Trinity River Audubon Center. The latter's goal is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife, while offering a unique fun and educational experience for the children.

Dec. 5, 2016 Living photo: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

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