Attention, all lovers of the deep blue sea. If you are an avid Airbnb website user, who likes to book unique accommodations around the world,  then you might be thrilled to hear about Antlos, a more 'marine' version of the same booking strategy.

Antlos is a platform that connects travellers with sailboat and motorboat owners directly, thus making it easier and more cost-effective compared to booking boat holidays for tourists through unnecessary agencies with extra fees involved. You can start planning your vacation on a 50 EUR budget per day per person, depending on the luxury you can afford. For 442 EUR per person per day you can sail the French Riviera and for 17 EUR they will take you from the Venetian airport to practically any hotel in Venice (and vice versa).

France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain and Turkey are just a few of various Mediterranean destinations you can choose from. Perhaps you've always dreamed of sailing the endless seas, but never had the qualification and experience to do so? Well, your dreams are only one click away now, seize the moment! 

July 16, 2015 Living photo: profimedia

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