It's still just a concept, but with today's technology, building it wouldn't be impossible. 

Islands are literally being built in Dubai, which is lovely, but they can't be moved. The problem will cease to exist with Migaloo's concept design Kokomo Ailand, a floating island, which can be moved to any spot you choose.

It's pretty enormous: 117 meters wide and almost 80 meters tall. It features a waterfall, a garden deck, ashark feeding space, two beach clubs, a cinema, a helideck, and an underwater dining saloon. In addition, you can even buy yourself a luxury submersible yacht. Or is it a submarine, really? Well, at the top of the island, there is, of course, a beautiful penthouse, offering an amazing view over the surrounding sea.

Pricetag has not yet been revealed, but let's be honest - we're talking seven digits here...

Sept. 30, 2015 Living photo: Migaloo

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