With Sugru glu you can fix almost anything. Or, you can use it to make some unique, hand-crafted products, like jewlery. 


Imagine holes in your child's inflatable kayak or in your rubber rain boots and how happy you'd be if there was something to fix it. Something that would actually let you easily repair almost everything you had, without having to buy new things and replace the damaged ones (which will end up in the trash – not very eco-friendly). Something that you can wrap around a damaged charger cable, something to cover a crack in the glass with... Well, luckily, there is Sugru!

The Sugru (check their awesome website!) glu is moldable, so you can shape it and reshape it with your hands into practically anything you need. But once you've taken it out of the single-use foil pack, you only have 30 minutes to do it. Ha, as the manufacturers cleverly put it – "It's glue you can touch without gluing yourself to yourself!" When you stick it and you don't like the result, you can just peel it off, squish it, mold it and give it another go.

After 24 hours, Sugru will stick permanently to ceramics, glass, metal, wood and most plastics and fabrics, and it will do so and stick that way in any weather condition or exposed to a wide temperature range. Sugru can easly deal with temps of -50°C and can cope with heat of up to 180°C.

It's an innovative solution and even more ingenious than you know. Sugru is inviting everyday folks to get in there and start fixing their own (technical) problems in their home or garden (and by doing so leaving a smaller ecological footprint in their greateful environment!).

If you check into their online store, you can buy 3 pieces of glu (it comes in 10 available colors) for 9 EUR, or 8 pieces for 16 EUR. 

Ideal for DIY projects of any kind and home improvement tricks! Look for some creative ideas in the gallery above.

July 16, 2015 Living photo: Sugru

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