Decadolo, a new strategic board game, created entirely from ecological materials, has successfully raised €13,228 with 251 backers in Kickstarter campain. This game is giving you that perfect reason to stay off social media and finally invite your friends over for a round of exciting, socializing playtime! 


A group of three friends started thinking about how to make their spare time more fun and interesting. A little tired of all those board games they played over and over again for so many years (some even and quite litrally decades), they decided to invent their own game. And so, they gave us Decadolo!

Decadolo is a very simple, yet ingenous board game for 2 players (suitable for ages 6-80), involving 50 cards and 100 tokens made of moulded wood material.  The players place their tokens in a 10x10 grid and use the cards to tell them, how and how many of the opponent's tokens they can flip. Your goal is to change the colour of an entire column of 10 tokens into their colour - the column is then locked. If you are the player with the most columns locked in their colour, you win the game. The game starts strategically and ends with a mixture of luck and pure chance. 

It will only take you 2 minutes to learn the game, with all the instructions available online (so far in Slovenian, English, German and Polish). The 50 cards feature various instructions on how to flip the wonderfully crafted tokens and give the game that extra factor of excitement and coincidence.

According to the team, "In the future we have a plan to develop a game for four players and also a smaller Decadolo version with 6x6 grid. future we have a plan to develop a game for four players and also a smaller Decadolo version with 6x6 grid."

Visit Decadolo on Facebook as well and keep yourself up to date!

And don't forget to check the introduction video below:

Oct. 21, 2015 Living photo:

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