Israeli inventor Izar Gafni created a highly affordable bike from the least likeliest of materials... yes, from good old cadboard! 


Gafni was inspired by a man who constructed a cardboard canoe and despite being told his plan was impossible to pull off by various engineers, he continued to work on his idea. To create the perfect material to serve as a sturdy enough bike (it can carry up to 225 kilograms!), he used a mixture of organic materials that were also easy to shape according to his needs.

He used cut-outs (for wheels, for example) and concentrated on the origami-folding technique in order to increase the durability and strength of material without using any metal parts. After all the parts are assembled, a resin layer is applied over the cardboard to make it waterproof. After that, the bike is spray-painted. 

The inventor believes the bicycle's eco-friendliness and high affordability could make it popular in both urban areas and poor parts of the world such as Africa. Encouraging environmental awareness of people, he estimates the cardboard bike will last ten years.

The production cost of a bicycle, using 100% recycled parts and even looking very stylish, is $9

Feb. 17, 2016 Living photo: Profimedia

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