Former factories that have long failed to serve their end may get an entirely new purpose. Such is also the GM historical factory Durant-Dort Factory One, which played a major role in the development of this global automotive business group. It will be redesigned into historical archives and a development centre.


General Motors will establish a research centre on the first floor of the factory's east wing along with modern historical archives, where it will keep a vast collection of cars that is presently stored in the nearby Kettering University. Furthermore, the same wing will also feature a conference centre. The west wing of the factory will accommodate historical cars and exhibits from the active period of the factory in Flint.

As reported by GM, Factory One is the true epicentre of automotive industry, which is why it makes sense to provide quality archives in it, where all visitors can learn in what way coach manufacturers from Flint influenced the development of the global car industry.

GM bought the factory in 2013 and its refurbishment, guided by SmithGroupJJR from Ann Arbor, an architecture firm with rich experiences in the renewal of historical buildings, is to be completed by 2017.

Aug. 19, 2015 Living photo: GM

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