Geneva's Line 23 is going emission-free with lightning fast charging technology.


"We are proud of this breakthrough technology to support Geneva's vision of providing a silent and zero-emission urban mass transportation for the city. It provides a model for future urban transport and reinforces our vision of sustainable mobility for a better world" said Claudio Facchin, President of ABB's Power Grids division, in the recent press release. "As part of our Next Level strategy, we are committed to developing customerfocused solutions and technologies that help lower environmental impact." 

According to press release, ABB has been awarded orders totaling more than $16 million by Transports Publics Genevois (TPG), Geneva's public transport operator, and Swiss bus manufacturer HESS, to provide flash charging and on-board electric vehicle technology. It is to supply 12 TOSA (Trolleybus Optimisation Système Alimentation) fully electric buses which will run on 24.5-kilometer circular Line 23, connecting Geneva's airport with suburban Geneva

So, on Line 23 there will be no overhead lines, as the award-winning flash-charging technology doesn't require them. The zero-emission TOSA e-buses will run silently and provide an eco-friendly alternative for future urban transportation - comapred to existing diesel buses, the e-buses will help save approximately 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The e-buses will carry over 10,000 commuters per day and make a total of 600,000 kilometers per year. When fully commissioned in 2018, the high-capacity articulated buses will depart from both terminuses at 10-minute intervals during peak times. 

July 26, 2016 Living photo: ABB Ltd

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