The installation by Lorenzo Quinn was unveiled in front of Ca' Sagredo in the Cannaregio district, going hand in hand with the 57th International Art Exhibition at the renowned Venice Biennale. Those familiar with Quinn's work will instantly recognize his signature use of various human body parts in his art.

Lorenzo Quinn, a Rome-born sculptor and artist, says he was inspired by the vision of 'Support', the gigantic hands of a child, rising from the canal to support life and future of the floating city of Venice that's being threatened by the inevitable climate change.  "I hope my art brings a new focus of attention to a global calamity that we are faced with," Quinn stated in his Facebook post. 'Support' also displays the kind of duality humanity is known for, namely the urge to create and destroy. While one hand builds and creates, the other one does harm, albeit they are both equal parts of a human. Makes you wonder, are these actually the sinking hands, representing the deeds of the past that lead to decay, or are they rising hands, a symbol of positive change and support?

A strong reminder for the urgent need to protect our environment and the city the artist holds dear. Venice is sinking - slowly at 2mm per year, but surely, and this is Quinn's wonderful way of telling the world something must be done to preserve it.

May 15, 2017 Living photo: Lorenzo Quinn

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