Enter the first co-working hotel in Europe and the first hotel in the German-speaking region to accept bitcoins!


Co-working. As you know, it is becoming not only very trendy, but it's also a result of a specific, increasingly occuring way of life. It's getting more and more difficult to maintain a strict, solid, uncompromising line between work and family (free) time. It's getting less important, where and when you work, as long as you get the project done professionally and in time. Hence, working environment is changing, naturally. And there are some nice, creative ideas popping up all the time, including the one we wrote about here. 

People still travel and they still stay in hotels, though. So, hotels are bound to change their ways as well, breaking away from conventional hotel offerings. Professional mobility is on the rise, and creative co-working spaces, where business people can meet, exchange ideas, find mutual inspiration and work together on business projects, are something worth investing into. The Hotel Schani Wien is already there and on top of its game, as it became the first co-working hotel in Europe, when it opened its doors in April 2015.

According to Schani, they follow follow the five basic principles of co-working: openness, accessibility, community, sustainability and collaboration. They offer people the opportunity to work, communicate, enjoy themselves and sleep, all in the same place, where all the essential office infrastructure is available and the mixture of local co-workers and guests is quickly developing into a community.

The hotel is located at Vienna's new Central Station, literally minutes away (via public trasnport) from the city center. It offers a total of 135 rooms, including 10 studios, a multi-functional lobby and a courtyard garden with a "green oasis" right in the city. 

It is also full of other innovative SMART solutions such as the mobile check-in and downloadable room keys for smartphones, in addition to individual room selection. Guests may select any room they desire (they can choose between King or Twin rooms), they can decide on which floor the room should be, which direction it should face and select the street or garden view. This way, they can avoid long, unnecessary queuing at the reception desk.

Nothing is impossible, or as Schani says:"Ged ned, gibt's ned!"

June 24, 2016 Living photo: Hotel Schani

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