If you happen to be one of those who like documenting your sports mischiefs from various perspectives, from the air in particular while, at the same time, have difficulties convincing your friends it has all been for real, Lily drone is an ideal tool for you.

All Lily needs is to be lifted up in the air so it can follow its user on its own. For that to happen, the user has to wear an arm tracking device which, not only enables Lily to follow but also allows the drone to warn of any altitude changes (while jumping, for example). Lily has a camera which takes images of 12MP resolution and also can create videos of 1080p (60 frames per second) and 720p (120 fps) resolution. It has a 94 degree capture angle, while all settings can be managed and adjusted from a smartphone. Lilly can also be used in wet conditions and environment, as it is waterproof up to a 1m depth.

Charging time takes roughly two hours. Full charge allows an approximately 20 minute long flight.

Tracking device which user carries on his/her wrist or inside a pocket is also a control unit. It can take a photograph, instruct Lilly to fly in front or behind us or, perhaps, circles in a holding pattern above us. For real movie directors, there is also a built-in microphone, giving Lilly an opportunity to make live recordings of real time events.

Flying camera Lily exists only as a prototype at the moment, sales are expected to start in February 2016. Suggested retail price will be US$999 (EUR888), pre-ordering it, reduces the cost down to US$499 (EUR443). If you like documenting your sport mischiefs, put your order in quickly.

May 17, 2015 Living photo: Lily

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