World's first fully self-contained affordable mini-luxury underwater hotel.


The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has received USA Patent and Trademark approval as the world's first underwater hotel. Designers' preferred locations? Egypt, Malaysia, Hawaii and the Bahamas.

A stay at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will be a drop in the ocean. Guests will spend their nights in private, luxury furnished and functional 18' x 12' underwater guest rooms complete with neptune size bed, bath, furniture, refrigerator, internet, and audio/visual entertainment centers.

The aqua pod type views will constantly astound and entertained you with spectacular multi-dimensional vistas of underwater features, aquatic life, and surface light through sweeping, crystal clear acrylic wall and ceiling viewing panels. 

"We have a very unique mission. We will be the first on planet Earth to accomplish this mission. Our goal is for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel to help fund and implement a worldwide proven coral reef restoration and aquaculture solutions and technologies. We want to help save planet Earth's oceans from the on-going daily destruction taking place. Our team is second to none," said Tony Webb, managing director of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.

The ambitious project is estimated to cost a staggering $20 million.

Dec. 10, 2015 Living photo: Planet Ocean Underwater

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