Most of the major tech companies, including Apple, LG and Sony, have already introduced their long-awaited smartwatches. The next obvious step in creating even more appealing timepieces is for the tech companies to team up with traditional watch makers. 

Apple formed partnership with fashion brand Hermes to create even more sophisticated wearables, and the luxurious watch maker TAG Heuer isn't far behind! As Jack Heuer once said: "Time never stops. Why should we?" 

They really shouldn't and actually, they didn't. TAG Heuer's first ever smartwatch is called the Carrera Wearable 01 and what's really funny about it, it was supposed to cost you 1,400 dollars, but they now increased the price to 1,800 dollars. Usually, when items are put on-preorder, customers get them cheaper, don't they? Well, the world of luxury is, as it appears, a whole different ball game. 

Another interesting thing about this particular timepiece is the fact that it's going to be the first Android Wear smartwatch to run on an Intel chip. Namely, TAG Heuer saw the opportunity to design something classy, but also something functionally desirable, so they turned to both Google and Intel for their 'smart input'.

Apple Watch Hermés Collection, have you met your match?

Oct. 3, 2015 Living photo: TAG Heuer

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