A fusion of minimalism, sustainable design and advanced functionality.


Woodieful is a single piece of furniture with multiple functions and options. Due to its shape it can be used as a chair, side table or even a magazine holder.

Clean lines of Woodiefull Chair are smoothened by round edges and the slots for storing magazines and books unexpectedly enliven its appearance. Small size and wide functionality makes it a perfect piece of furniture in any room. Natural materials used, and details of its finishing give room an interesting vibe with touch of nature. 

Use it as a chair
"Primarily built for sitting it can hold up to 160 pounds. Its diminutive shape allows for it to be easily tucked to any place in your home and used as a children chair, a chair for guests whenever there is a lack of seats for the unexpected merry party, or even an entrance area chair where you can comfortably sit and put our shoes on," said the Woodieful inventor, Klavdija Jarc.

Magazine holder
Contemporary exceptional design provides ample storage for a variety of literature. "No matter the position, your favourite book can easily find a place among the empty slots and a pile of magazines can become nicely organized stack of your popular information".

Side table or night stand
When used as a side table, Woodiefull Chair could easily handle a hundred and sixty pound cup of coffee, for instance. Tested! So, you can position it by the sofa, put on a large vase with a fresh bouquet of flowers and still maintain a storage function for your literature or necessities in storage surfaces underneath. Put it next to bed and it will become a nightstand. Along with an ambient light and a bunch of your favourite books it will definitely stay there until you change its function again. Because you can!

Sept. 23, 2015 Living photo: Woodieful

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