In twenty containers they roam around the world like refugees of the consumer society.

"We produce trash and we will become trash," are the words of HA Schult, an artist we took behind the wheel of Mirai just on a day when the famous installation »Trash People« has been opened in Tollwood winter festival 2015 in Munich. An installation welcomes visitors at the entrance - plastic pollution in oceans is the main topic at the Weltsalon.

In March 2011, Ha Schult installed his army of life sized trash people on the ice in the Arctic at Longyearbyen, Norway. Since than they have traveled around the world, yet the floating, diminishing ice will be their last installment. The "Trash People" are molded from tin cans, computers, car parts, plastics... Thus, the whole installation was made out of the waste we constantly produce every day. HA Schult delivers his picture of us, and our consequences to the planet. We take trash artist and hybrid driver fora spin in a fuel cell powered Mirai. More in new Plugin magazine.

Dec. 1, 2015 Living photo: HA Schult

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